September 5, 2022 by Chai Vuriti

Lost in the Sea!!

While Snorkelling in Gili

Gili Island is known for its crystal clear waters and abundant sea life. You can expect to spot sea turtles, lionfish, eels, rays, and lots of other amazing aquatic animals.

Our snorkelling day trip starts from Gili Air doing a roundtrip around the Island Trio of Gilis. Our first spot is by the shore of Gili Trawangan or famously called as Gili T.

The spot was so beautiful we snorkeled for almost an hour. There were a lot of beautiful fishes and the sea turtles. But after about an hour, we lost in the sea. As there were other tour groups, it was hard to spot our group and we both forgot the name of our boat. After more than 15 minutes of wandering around, the boat crew finally found us. We felt so lucky and relieved. We then decided to stay with the tour group during the next sessions.

Our next spot is off the coast of Gili Meno. Again filled with beautiful fishes and turtles. And the we went to the most famous snorkelling spot to watch the Wreck under water.

After our 3 snorkeling sessions, we stopped for lunch at warung in Gili Meno. And then the crew asked us, “you wanna see turtle or coral reef?”

No one was really answering so i yelled “we had enough turtles for the month. Let’s go for the coral reef”

I think this is the best spot for the whole day watching the coral reefs and the school of different kinds of fishes.